Kobo II: Dropping out, sort of…

No, not the game! :D I’m just not going to try to sell a license before the end of October.

Obviously, with me in the process of starting a business and stuff, things haven’t been progressing as planned with Kobo II with regard to The October Challenge. I’ve given up on the idea of starting the pre-purchase alpha period this month, as there isn’t enough to show yet – and besides, I risk getting in trouble if I actually sell anything at this point, so that’ll just have to wait. [...]

Full story over at Ludum Dare.

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2 Responses to Kobo II: Dropping out, sort of…

  1. IoDream says:

    Why didn’t you advertised on your olofsonprojects mailing list ? Or on the libsdl one ? I’m reading this stuff only because you gave a link today on the libsdl one.

    I have the idea to make my first own real game, and I wish to make somewhat based on Kobo.

    Good luck with your business, it is really difficult to stay alive in the indie game world.

    • Olofson says:

      (Sorry about the delay here…! I’ll try to have WordPress send emails or something, so I don’t have to check the dashboard to see if anything’s awaiting approval.)

      Anyway, I made a few posts, but I wanted to keep a low profile at first, rather than boring everyone with lots of talk and no download. The plan is to start making some more noise when there is a tech demo or alpha to download – and that’s not far off now! :-)

      I think there is a fair bit of potential in this style of shooter, and it’s a bit surprising that there are so few clones. And adding physics and a smooth control system seems to work pretty well too. Just flying around a map with no enemies suddenly becomes entertaining…!

      Thanks! :-)

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