Kobo II: First Tech Preview screenshot!

I’ve been working a bit on the sound engine, but mostly cleaning things up and fixing some minor cleanup exit bugs. However, I figured it was time for a screenshot, so I threw in a screenshot feature.

There is also a minor game logic change: I’ve added drag as well as friction. As drag forces scale by the square of the velocity, it serves as a much better – and more realistic – way of restricting the top speed. So, now Kobo Mk II isn’t as insanely fast as it used to be, but maneuvering and acceleration is still quick. More like Kobo Mk I, but still without any of that overly old school digital feel.

Anyway, anyone mentioned screenshots…? Yeah, here’s something to look at while I keep hacking:

Nothing much going on, just firing the Lava gun at some defenseless rock. The player ship is ASCII art with a quick hack shadow sprite, there is no water surface effect and the terrain is monochrome – only some light fog and water. However, apart from the text, there is not a single hand-drawn or externally rendered pixel! It’s all ZeeSpace and a few lines of EEL code.


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