Kobo II: Another screenshot!

I figured it’s about time for some sign of life around here – so here’s one slightly upgraded old Kobo Mk I in a world of hurt!

As you can see, objects cast simple shadows, engines have proper exhaust flames, and there is a HUD overlay with some bars and stuff. What you cannot see is the background music and sound effects. ;)

The circle of red arrows is just some test code I added right before taking the screenshot. Those arrows will be used as a warning system for off-screen enemies and other important objects, so you don’t have to look at a small radar screen all the time.

Up next is more collision detection code, so you can shoot those blue bombs! Right now, all you can do about them is fly around and trick them into walls. Fortunately, they’re pretty stupid – but they make up for it by being almost as fast as the Kobo.

Stay tuned!


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4 Responses to Kobo II: Another screenshot!

  1. Robert Schuster says:

    re:background music and sfx – you know there is thing called youtube/vimeo/etc. ;) ;)

    Apart from that. Please write to the guys who make freegamer.blogspot.com and tell them a bit about Kobo and Kobo II, add some screenshots and let them publish a little article about it. Soon the hordes of free software games-loving people will come and have a look at your website.

    I like Kobo Deluxe a lot and wish Kobo II a lot of success!

    • Olofson says:

      Yep, planning on making a video soon – so you can see the animated version of the Olofson Arcade logo, if nothing else…! :D Meanwhile, I might release an mp3 or two…

      Well, I’ll look into that, but Kobo II will be a commercial game. I do intend to release the “tech” source (EEL, ZeeSpace, ChipSound) eventually, but the game code will remain closed for now, to slightly reduce the risk of the game being “cloned” before it even gets off the ground.

      Thank you! :)

  2. Robert Schuster says:

    … additionally: I think the unique sound engine in Kobo Deluxe is super super awesome. I just *love* the sound that the exploding bases make.

    • Olofson says:

      Yeah, it handles that kind of stuff pretty well. Unfortunately, the code is messy, and the realtime synth does little more than play straight waveforms, which is why the music (IMHO) is stiff and boring. That’s why I’m not using it in Kobo II.

      The new sound engine, ChipSound, can make proper music and sounds using only basic geometric waveforms, all in pure realtime. I haven’t even felt a pressing need for filters yet…!

      Now, combining those two approaches is going to be rather interesting… :)

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