Kobo II: Title song WIP!

No screenshot this time, but here’s what the “splash” and title/menu screens sound like since a few weeks back:

Tools used:

  • ChipSound – new, oddball sound engine with realtime scripting
  • Kate – KDE code editor


  • Song size: 3530 Bytes (LZMA compresed script source)
  • Engine size: 69 kB (64 bit .so for Linux; 27 kB compressed)
  • All sounds implemented with simple oscillators and realtime scripting
  • Waveforms used: Triangle, saw, square, sine, “SID” noise
  • Filters used: None! (Not yet implemented.)
  • Effects: Trivial stereo feedback delay applied to the master output
  • The song is all mono; only the master fb delay is stereo
  • As the song repeats, it’s transposed to random keys

Yep, that’s right; no sequencer, no synths, no nothing. I simply wrote a small synth engine, a realtime scripting engine, the sounds and the music from scratch, using a text editor. Off-the-shelf solutions are boring! ;)

Anyway, the last few days, I’ve been working on fonts and OpenGL text rendering, and a simple GUI toolkit with windows. Yep, there will be proper windows and dialogs for options and the like, instead of the retro style text menus of Kobo Deluxe. Cute, translucent windows with nice, rounded corners and stuff…! :) Expect screenshots soon.


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