Kobo II: GUI toolkit and new fonts!

Time for some new screenshots! The backend part of the GUI toolkit is in place, and as it’s based on “EBGUI” (my SDL GUI toolkit that comes with EEL), it’s a trivial job to import widgets (sliders, text input boxes and all that) from there.

First, a shot of the Valve/Steam style GUI overlay, where you’ll find the usual dialogs for options, saved games, game servers and whatnot. As you can see, movable, resizable windows, group boxes and basic buttons are already in place. Needs a dot-for-dot version of the font, though; this scaled one (intended for much larger text) is a bit blurry.

The new main menu is also based on the new GUI toolkit, using custom widgets with the compulsory highlight and zoom effects.

Last but not least, a shot of the current “Thank You” screen draft, showcasing the brilliant font by Ray Larabie. (Outline/glass version and adaption for OpenGL rendering by me.) Naturally, there is some animation going on; the “II” is rotating slowly, the red plasma cloud is animated and stuff. What remains to do is some sort of music or soundscape, and some buttons like, “Visit Olofson Arcade” and “Buy now!”, perhaps.

I guess that’s it for now! However, I’ve also been working on the physics and “AI” a bit, so I’ll report back on that shortly.

Fun fact: Anyone can drive anything! Vehicles have a common control interface that can be wired to either player controls or an AI pilot of choice. I’m thinking of actually making use of that in the game. I even have a rational explanation for it in store! ;)


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