Kobo II: Official site up!

Yep, the better of the last two days “wasted” hacking XHTML, CSS and PHP, but there it is:

The Official Kobo II Home Site

No user accounts yet, and I’m still polishing the Tech Preview, but pre-purchase IS actually open for the adventurous; $3 for the first 300 comers, or until the first Alpha release. The price will then be adjusted regularly, depending on demand and development progress.

The final version will probably be somewhere in the $10..$15 range, but that’s really just speculation. I’m open to anything that is fun and entertaining, one-time purchase or F2P, as long as it’s financially sound. (I just can’t do it otherwise, as I’m not economically independent.)

So, there you go! Now, back to work. Maybe I can release the Tech Preview before this weekend? :D


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