Kobo II: Tech Preview 3

The third Kobo II Tech Preview is now available for download!

The 32 bit Windows build can be found on the official site. Direct download: KoboII-TP3-Win32.zip (3.4 MB)

From the site:

Finally, Tech Preview 3 is out! Basically, things haven’t been going my way lately, and I’m also at the point where I have to do other stuff to pay the bills, which is a situation that does not blend with custom engines and unusual solutions. But even so, here it is! :-)

ZeeSpace is on vacation for now, awaiting a proper toolchain – but in the meantime, there will be some nice high altitude battles instead. Parallax scrolling, for the true retro fans out there! :-)

There are now two game modes; a more true Survival Mode (much more aggressive spawning; no continues), and the beginnings of a new Campaign mode that is a bit more like the old Kobo Deluxe – except we have physics around here! That is something I’m going to leverage big time later on.

Full ChangeLog.


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