2012 postmortem and 2013 goals

Over at the indiegamer forums, we have this annual tradition of someone starting a thread where we report our activities and progress during the year that passed, and our plans for the coming year. This is an adaption of my post.

So, these were my goals for 2012:

  1. Add more fun and do more marketing for Kobo II, to hopefully sell more than symbolic numbers to mostly Kobo Deluxe fans.
  2. Actually make some money, one way or another. More contract work, most likely.
  3. Get a proper toolchain for ZeeSpace going, for less work, better results and smaller downloads.
  4. Find or write(!) a simple but effective Linux MIDI sequencer that doesn’t crash all the time, or just frustrate me to no end. The state of these things is just ridiculous…
  5. And, well… I dunno? Anything fun I can come up with, that might make some money, directly or indirectly.

And, the results:

  1. FAIL – I did release three tech previews that were increasingly “playable”, but didn’t get anywhere near what I had in mind. “Lost” at least half a year to engine coding and…
  2. SUCCESS – …contract work! So, at least I’m not bankrupt. Things are going to take even longer than originally intended – but I’m still in business.
  3. FAIL – Basically gave up on structured/procedural graphics for this game at some point, as it just seemed to require too much engine and tool development. However, doing anything reasonably good looking in GIMP is rather time consuming too…!
  4. FAIL/SUCCESS – Actually, I didn’t even bother. Turned out just hand-coding the music in Audiality 2 (formerly ChipSound) script worked better than expected, so I just kept doing that.
  5. FAIL – No time for that…

So, all in all, I only got about halfway to my goals for 2012.

One thing that turned out better than expected though, is the Audiality 2 sound engine. (Formerly called ChipSound.) It’s now doing multichannel modular synthesis with subsample accurate scripting, has a proper unit/plugin API and stuff – and it’s all hard realtime. So, a few more simple DSP units, and that thing will do pretty much anything I ever wanted to do in terms of game audio.

New goals for 2013:

  • Keep working with my current main client. Less negotiations and research – more paid work!
  • Kobo II: Multiplayer! More fun! Proper levels! To speed things up without dumbing down the mechanics, I’m going to drop my custom physics engine for Chipmunk. A persistent scene graph rendering engine is going in, to improve performance and eliminate OpenGL from the scripting level.
  • New release of Kobo Deluxe! It’s had somewhere around 200k downloads, and is also included with a few Linux distros and other things – but few of those players have any idea there is a related game in development!
  • Finish a small sidescroller I started working on: Project Pixelfire.
  • Port at least one game to OUYA – probably Project Pixelfire. (Too heavy scripting in Kobo II, so that’s probably going to need a native compiler. Later…)
  • Get back up to speed with music! Almost dropped coding for music about two decades ago – but then I burned out, and this is about all I’ve done over the last 15 years. I’m beginning to realize I need to pick it up again to stay sane.


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  2. Mike says:

    Good luck! I hope you’re able to achieve your goals!

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