The Saga of Kobo continues

I may have reached a breakthrough in the saga of Kobo (Kobo Deluxe, Kobo II), suddenly realizing where all those stray bits of inspiration belong.

For various reasons, I’ve already decided to go back to the original plan for Kobo II, which includes structured/procedural HD graphics through ZeeSpace, and a lot of focus on physics. I just don’t see Kobo II turning out as something relevant and interesting without that technology. The world doesn’t need Yet Another Twin Stick Arena Shooter, and with the current engine, that’s pretty much all Kobo II could be.

(Well, maybe the world does need YATSAS? A really polished and well balanced one. But that’s a different story, and a different game.)

So, what’s new? Well, it looks like I’m abandoning the little retro sidescroller project I was planning on releasing in between. Instead, I’ve started designing a more true and more retro sequel to Kobo Deluxe: Infilterion.


The basic idea is that we get to experience Kobo Deluxe from the perspective of an infiltration droid – The Infilterion. This remotely operated droid is sent in to infiltrate and destroy bases from the inside, as a (hopefully) more effecive alternative to the brute force Kobo Mk1/Mk2 attacks that we used to resort to.

A bit of Kobo Deluxe, some Xenon, plenty of Gauntlet. Maybe not so much of the physics feel of Kobo II.

And, retro styled graphics. I’ve started playing around with the C64 palette (16 fixed colors), aiming at a “native” screen resolution of 640×400 (320×200 fullscreen mode pixels on a 30″ screen are… big), but that might evolve into something closer to Amiga/ST style. But first, gameplay and levels!

Registered Kobo MkII pilots will automatically be admitted to the Infilterion program.


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  1. t1gerdog says:

    Awesome! Good news!

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