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Why Infilterion?

  1. Kobo II is too different from Kobo Deluxe. As a physics based twin stick shooter, it’s almost in a different genre.
  2. Smart AI is hard to implement reliably in the free-form, physics based world of Kobo II.
  3. I intend Kobo II (or whatever it’ll be called) to be a razor sharp HD experience with a level of detail rarely seen in any kind of game. The only realistic way of achieving that without a big team of artists is procedural structured graphics.
  4. Procedural structured graphics is mostly uncharted territory, and I need more time to develop effective tools and methods.
  5. In short, I could spend another year hacking engines and tools – or I could develop a game!
  6. I’d like to have a serious go at pixel art! Haven’t done much of that since the Amiga days.
  7. It would be nice to have another highly portable game with reasonable hardware requirements.
  8. I have a clear vision for Infilterion, and the design is pretty straightforward.
  9. I had plenty of ideas for Kobo Deluxe, but Kobo II was too different for most of them to fit!
  10. Retro games with pixel art seem really rather popular these days…

What is Infilterion?

Nothing much yet; just some notes, a 64 color palette (you wouldn’t believe how much work it is to create one of those…!), some concept graphics, a logo – and a pretty detailed vision of what I want to achieve.

Oh, and most of the code is already written. The EEL scripting engine with its SDL and OpenGL bindings, the Audiality 2 sound engine, and the Kobo II “engine” script code, GUI toolkit, configuration dialogs etc, pretty much cover everything.

So, this should be more like developing a game in Flash or Unity than coding it the hardcore way. A bit like my old Ludum Dare Jam entry, The Grumpy Pinball Ball, which was done in 72 hours, using an older version of the “K2 executive.” And, that included coding an isometric 3D engine and some 2.5D physics, because I didn’t have any of that… (Stupid design decision – but I had fun!)

No, I’m not planning on finishing Infilterion in 72 hours. I’m not planning on working on it for 72 months either, though!

When will Infilterion be released?

When it’s done.

Seriously though, I plan on finishing the game before the end of 2014. If the game turns out to have great potential, or if my pixel art or music skills turn out to be insufficient or whatever, plans will be adjusted accordingly – but there are no showstoppers here. If all else fails, I can afford serious professional artists these days.

What about Kobo II?

I want to finish it when ZeeSpace has matured enough to pull it off. That means the ZeeSpace 2.5D rendering engine itself, and a proper authoring tool to go with it. These are no small projects, but I really want to finish them eventually.

Wild speculation: What was going to be Kobo II will become Infilterion II, with gameplay elements from both Kobo Deluxe and Infilterion, fused with shiny HD graphics, epic soundtracks, and physics based twin stick single- and multiplayer action.

Infilterion specifications

Obviously, this is all in flux – but then again, I can’t keep changing and redoing stuff all the time, so I don’t think I’ll deviate all that much from this:

  • Graphics:
    • Hand pixeled, Amiga/ST “shiny” style.
    • Global 64 color palette.
    • 640×360 (16:9) native resolution.
  • Fullscreen resolutions:
    • 1280×720 (2x)
    • 1920×1080 (3x)
    • 2560×1440 (4x)
    • 3840×2160 (6x)
    • (Other resolutions are supported with black borders.)
  • Screen layout:
    • Dashboard with playfield, map/radar and info/chat views.
  • Sound:
    • Live synthesized music, weird noises, and massive explosions.
  • Multiplayer:
    • Of course!
  • Chain reactions:
    • Well, Infilterion is supposed to appeal to Kobo Deluxe fans, so…
  • Physics:
    • Maybe, but not so that you can really tell it’s there.
  • License:
    • EEL, Audiality 2, ZeeDraw etc are all LGPL or zlib already.
    • The GUI toolkit, config dialogs and other handy scripts will soon be released under zlib, along with EEL.
    • Graphics, sounds, music and level data will be proprietary.
    • The full game script code will be released under the GPL.
  • Platforms:
    • Windows (Primary target)
    • Linux (Development)
    • OS X
    • SteamOS
    • OUYA
    • Android
    • iOS
    • AmigaOS
    • …and anything else anyone decides to port it to!

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