Random Olofson Arcade update

Although it’s been very quiet from around here lately, I’ve been back up to speed for a while. So far, I’ve mostly been cleaning up, refactoring and dealing with some more or less critical engine issues in EEL and Audiality 2 that I want sorted before I release anything again – but after that, there will be a minor Kobo II update (mostly just moving it to the latest engines, along with some bug fixes), and then I’ll dive into Infilterion properly!

For now, here are some temporary pixels from Infilterion:
I want it shinier and a bit more detailed than this, and the player should perhaps not be the same color as the floor – but you get the general idea…

I’ve also been having some fun with the Emscripten SDK:

Fixed Rate Pig
My ancient Fixed Rate Pig SDL programming example – now in your browser!

Audiality 2 a2test running in a browser
‘a2test’ running in a browser! Awful latency and will probably eat your CPU alive, but that’s actually Audiality 2 doing scripted realtime synthesis in the browser.


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