Kobo Redux – Full Steam ahead!

Steam Early Access

As you may know, Kobo Redux was Greenlit last month, and the plan is to make it available on Steam Early Access as soon as possible. However, for legal reasons, the current version of the game code cannot be distributed through Steam, which means I have some work to do before that can happen.

Kobo Redux Greenlit!

Legal and technical issues

More specifically, the GNU GPL is incompatible with Steam, and I’m not in a position to grant Valve an exception, or provide the game to them under an alternate license. On the technical side, I’m making substantial changes to the game logic code, and I’ve also started running into issues that call for a fair bit of redesign and refactoring, as well as things that are simply not handled nicely in C++.

The solution

With these legal and technical issues in mind, I’ve decided to simply remove and rewrite the offending code, killing a bunch of space ships… I mean, birds with one stone. I’ve also decided to incorporate a proper scripting language, EEL, which is safer and friendlier than C++, and doesn’t need external development tools. EEL will be used for the new enemy and level definitions, and later also GUI code, game management, configuration files, theme files, level editing tools etc.


This is not all about avoiding legal issues or saving my hair, though! As a side effect, EEL will open Kobo Redux up to serious modding, way beyond graphics themes, without necessarily hacking the C++ code. It will likely be possible to add new enemies, new weapons, new level types, and new game modes, using only EEL script.

In the meantime

Since there is a bit of work to do before there is anything interesting to release with the new game logic, there will be one or two intermediate releases on itch.io, based on the current code base. These will deal with visual effects, graphics, and other things that are unaffected by the game logic rewrite. Some things I have in mind:

  • A third fire button, to avoid accidentally firing the wrong weapon
  • Improved health and charge bar graphs
  • Bigger playfield view
  • Realtime explosion/fire/smoke effects


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