What is Olofson Arcade about?

  • Retro arcade style gameplay updated to modern standards.
  • Experiencing what the designers and artists of the old days envisioned.
  • Fun without the pain and frustration of the true oldies, or optionally…
  • Hardcore retro style gaming for masters of the ancient art of Digital Joystick-Fu!


Basically, we have this guy, David Olofson, who’s been playing around with code, sound, music, graphics and whatnot for some 30 years – and now he’s finally decided to focus on the one thing that puts his wide range of skills to good use all at once: Game development!

David Olofson is probably best known for Kobo Deluxe, originally an SDL port of the X11/Un*x game XKobo, now an enhanced version with new engine code, new graphics and new sounds. Another little game that has apparently shown up in various places is Fixed Rate Pig, which is actually just a programming example, demonstrating (among other things) the interpolation (or “tweening”) logic also used in Kobo Deluxe.

The structured audio engine of Kobo Deluxe eventually forked off into Audiality. Remotely related to this is the realtime scripting language EEL, which is used in lab instruments, and for prototyping and various in-house applications. David is also responsible for glSDL, which is used for the optional OpenGL acceleration in Kobo Deluxe.

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