LD #22 – result and postmortem

So, fever kept me from putting in the amount of time I had planned for – but I still managed to finish in time for the Jam submission. That’s a total of 72 hours, of which I spent 27 actively working on this little game – or rather, the engine, which is where most time was spent.

The Ludum Dare Jam entry is here, and there are a few blog posts, including a postmortem.

Direct links:
Windows 32 bit download
Linux 64 bit download
EEL and ChipSound sources

Oh, BTW, as the GUI toolkit now has rudimentary theme support, I made a theme for this little game while I was at it:

I’m probably going to include a slightly tweaked version of that with Kobo II, along with a GUI dialog that allows some user customization of colors and stuff – if nothing else, so that I can tweak things myself without having to edit and restart a billion times to get it right.

UPDATE: There is now a timelapse video as well.


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