Kobo II: Some con… er, destruction work in progress!

While things haven’t really been going my way lately, which is not helped by having to resort to contract work, there is some progress, and I’m beginning to see something resembling a new Tech Preview. ;)

Meanwhile, first ever screenshot of the new, physics based bases:

(Yep, that’s a true 6000 rpm gatling gun you see there.)

That’s it for now; need to move on! :)


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2 Responses to Kobo II: Some con… er, destruction work in progress!

  1. qubodup says:

    Have you tested how the game feels if you plant the player behind the vehicle, so that the world rotates, rather than the player vehicle?

  2. Olofson says:

    I have! First impressions: It totally does not work. :-/

    The Kobo MkII turns way too fast, so a locked camera makes it next to impossible to see anything that isn’t very close to the ship while turning, and it makes the player totally dizzy. It would probably be workable with mouse aim (more like an FPS), but it would still call for much slower gameplay. No quick whipping the ship around to shoot targets coming in form all directions, retro arcade style.

    A smooth/inertia camera might be an option; many 3D games do something along these lines. (3rd person chase cam.) However, I’ve never been a fan of such games myself, so I’m not quite sure what makes it work. (To me, it mostly feels like it just doesn’t. ;-) ) All I can do is implement it and try to tweak it based on user feedback. :-)

    Anyway, bottom line is, it doesn’t seem like it can realistically work without radically changing the game design, which IMHO, would make it a completely different game, with nothing of the Kobo Deluxe feel at all. Then again, I’m considering offering a few different player vehicles – and ones with their primary weapons on movable turrets might work better with a rotating camera.

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